Recommended resources:

We highly recommend the following sources of prophetic books, tapes, and other teaching resources. Most have materials related to understanding dreams and visions:

Streams Ministries InternationalJoels.gif (750 bytes)
An outstanding resource with by far the most material on understanding your dreams and visions. A must see.

Morningstar Fellowship ChurchJoels.gif (750 bytes)
Also an excellent source of books tapes and CDs. Many books and tapes on the prophetic ministry, some of which have excellent sections on dreams and visions.

The Elijah ListJoels.gif (750 bytes)
A lot of outstanding prophetic resources including a lot of dream and vision teaching material.

TrumpetblastJoels.gif (750 bytes)
No specific "understanding your dreams and visions" material, but some excellent spiritual warfare material and teaching that reveals The Father's heart.

Breath of the Spirit Ministries
Excellent source of prophetic and dream interpretation teaching materials.

International House of Prayer Kansas City
Joels.gif (750 bytes)
A wide range of material including the prophetic, some of which has some 'understanding dreams and visions' content. A personal favorite.

Communion With God Ministries
Joels.gif (750 bytes)
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Principles of Christian Dream Interpretation page:
Mark and Patti Virkler. Many excellent books and articles.

Lapstone Ministries
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An excellent site specifically about Christian dream and vision interpretation.