Joel's Journal news:

Joels.gif (750 bytes) 11/26/2011: Version 2.15 released. Fixes:
Fixed audio playback crash bug.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) 11/4/2009: Version 2.13 released. Fixes:
Removed some symbols from the sample symbols list found to be in copyright violation.
Added the following bible versions: Reina valera Antigua, JFA-RC Portugese, Luis Segund French, and the Luther bible (German).
Fixed bug causing playback of longer audio entries to fail.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) 2/27/2009: Version 2.12 released. Fixes:
Fixed mail order purchase method.
Fixed manual spell-check getting lost behind Joel's Journal window on some systems.
Improved clarity of dialogs when adding a symbol to symbol dictionary.
Fixed adding words to spell check not working on some systems.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) 8/7/2008: Version 2.1 released. Fixes:
Fixed a graph accuracy bug.
Increased maximum number of graph ticks.
Now works properly under limited user accounts in Windows XP and Vista.
Search can now include diagram text.
Fixed sorting by anything other than date misplacing diagram text.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) 7/26/2008: Version 2.0 released. New features:
Added toolbar to main window.
Added a diagram builder interpretation tool.
Fixed printing only one copy regardless of how many copies selected in Windows Vista.
Easier to add symbols.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) 6/13/2007: Version 1.8 released. New features:
Bible and Bible dictionary now included in demo version.
Fixed intermittent error with audio entry playback.

Joels.gif (750 bytes)5/7/2007: Version 1.7 released. New features:
Added audio entry record and playback. If your computer has a microphone you can now record audio entries for dream/vision content, interpretation, application, and results.
Added more graphics for the color schemes.
Minor bug fixes.

Joels.gif (750 bytes)Version 1.6 released. New features:

Improved Windows Vista compatibility.
Improved 'Edit picture' reliability.
Improved appearance under Windows XP and Windows Vista.
Demo changed from 15 entry limit to a 30 day limit.


Version 1.6 - 2.12 are free upgrades. To obtain your free upgrade, email your request to and include your name, email address, and Regsoft order ID number or Joel's Journal reseller's name and invoice number.