Main features:

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Joels.gif (750 bytes) Dream/vision database files are encrypted and optionally password protected for privacy.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) American Standard, King James, and World English Bibles included. Search by word or phrase or direct passage lookup.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) Easton's Bible Dictionary included. Word search or select word from list.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) Full as you type spell checking with a greater than 120,000 word dictionary. US English dictionary and alternate spell check method for other languages available in the demo version. US English and British English dictionary plus alternate method for other languages available in the full version. Alternate spell check method requires MSWord 97 or higher.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) When you're too tired to type you can record your entries using a microphone.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) All selectable entries: types, categories, and color intensities come pre defined but are fully customizable.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) Logbook can be sorted by date, title, type, or category.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) Powerful search capability with 'select from results'. Searches can include or exclude any portion of a dream/vision entry, and you can search by 'Exact phrase', 'Any of the words', or 'All of the words'.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) Enter and define symbols for each dream, and maintain your own master symbols list.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) Diagramming tool.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) Record how some dreams and visions are related to others by common themes, 'Continuation of', 'Expands on', or other types of relationships you add. A list of dreams and visions related to the current entry is just one click away. You can also bring up a list of all dream and vision relationships from the 'View' menu.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) Add a picture to any dream/vision entry.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) Easily print or copy/paste an entire entry to the clipboard. Optionally include symbols and relationships.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) Use one of the several included color schemes to spruce up the appearance of the Joel 2:28 Dreams And Visions Logbook, or create one of your own. You can also turn off color schemes if you prefer to use the default Windows colors.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) Each user can select to have their own unique options, so when one person changes a setting it does not affect other users when they log on.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) Backups are made automatically as you go. The autobackups feature is fully configurable, has an easy restore capability, and allows you to backup automatically or on demand.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) Easily email dream/vision entries as a text file or in the message body with just a few clicks. Optionally include symbols and relationships.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) Easily email your symbols list to others as a text file. They can then import it into their master symbols list. Each imported symbol list gets it's own special category to keep them separate from your personal symbols.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) Graph your dream/vision frequency by category, type, color intensity, focus, or location. You can select any time interval and start/end dates as well. Multiple graphs can be generated and left open for comparison.

Joels.gif (750 bytes) Optional dream/vision related Bible verse of the day at startup.




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